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Magma Storage and Ascent

Experimental and numerical evaluation of melt embayments

Volatile gradients in melt embayments present a powerful new tool for restoring the decompression pathway from source to surface; however, how reliably they are recording is open to debate. Here we simulate decompression pathways using a cold seal, and then see how reliability the melt embayment records the pathway. We are also developing new numerical models to see if reentrants record accelerating decompression. 

1 vs 2D reentrant model, natural system.png

Assemblage and Storage of Magmas

Eruptive deposits contain crystal and melt treasures that can be used to reconstruct a myriad of processes. We use their chemistry, volatile contents, and disequilibrium diffusion gradients to reconstruct the magmatic storage conditions, assembly and decompression history of an erupted magma, in order to infer the mechanisms and events that trigger their explosive behavior.

Shasta imaging quartz from HRT C.jpg
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